Hello, I’m Philip Rostonovich. I’m an illustrator and 3D Generalist with over three decades of professional experience, currently based in Southern California. Most recently, I worked for seven years in the VFX industry.

From early childhood I’ve pursued my craft as a visual artist. After earning my degree in Technical Illustration, I began my professional journey in Silicon Valley, collaborating with high-tech clients such as Apple Computer Inc, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Applied Komatsu Technologies, Digital Equipment Corporation, Cisco Systems, and Novell.

My work in technical illustration sparked an interest in emerging 3D graphics technology. This curiosity led me through a self-guided study phase, and subsequently desiged, produced and delivered instructional curriculae for various 3D software packages. I also provided product testing as a Quality Assurance specialist for Luxology and The Foundry.

In the freelance realm, I showcased my abilities as a storyboard artist for Spitfire Filmworks, provided concept art for MotionCurve Media, and served as a 3D Generalist for clients such as Bayer Labs, Crossroad Services, Viscira and the John McNeil Studio.

This trajectory eventually led me into the dynamic field of VFX, where I played a fundamental role in tracking, layout, and matchmoving for both television shows and feature films. Throughout my career, my illustration skills have continually served as a valuable toolset for visual communication; recent shifts within the entertainment industry have inspired me to reconnect with my professional roots.

I’m excited about integrating my illustrative and 3D graphical expertise with my VFX capabilties, and expanding the scope of future visual communication endeavors.